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Miss M turns 4! A trip down memory lane

March is an exciting month for Miss M (aka Emily aka the original Miss Magoo) because she turns 4!  And she is VERY excited :).  Even though it's not Miss Magoo's the skincare company's birthday, Em and her brother are the reason why I started making natural and organic skincare.  Some of you may not know the story of how Miss Magoo's came about, so I thought I'd share a bit of that story with you this month.  We also have a special treat for you on the 12th so keep an eye on your inbox / Facebook for that.  And I have a limited edition product for you that I created especially for Miss M and her friends for her birthday party bags.  It is super cute.....

And this is how it all began....

With a miscarriage.  3 in total in fact.  If you've had a miscarriage, you'll know how devasting and emotional it can be.  It was while I was researching ways to stay pregnant (hello Google!) that I discovered the world of natural and organic skincare. I wanted to give my body the best shot at conceiving and keeping, a healthy baby, so I began eating organically as much as possible and using only natural, organic skincare products.
Two healthy babes later, I was passionate about using only high quality, natural and organic products on my children’s skin AND my skin.
But the realities of balancing a family budget on maternity leave meant I was often forced to compromise. And when it came to choosing between that organic baby bum balm or spending $50 on a nourishing night cream for this tired Mum… well, I think you know who came last on the list!
So once again I got to researching and discovered you can actually make skincare - who knew! I started experimenting (sometimes more successfully than others!) and began creating skin care products from natural and organic ingredients.  My beautiful family and friends soon jumped on the bandwagon and became my willing guinea pigs. 
I realised there were other parents like me searching for affordable gentle, safe, natural, effective skincare products for their children and themselves. So I studied natural skincare and launched Miss Magoo’s Natural and Organic Skincare in 2014 - 6 months after the birth of Emily, fondly nicknamed Miss Magoo.  And I'm still just as passionate about creating affordable gorgeous natural and organic skincare products for you.  
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